Top 10 Luxury Resorts 

Whether summer is ending or winter is approaching, there are fabulous places throughout the world where the season to travel never ends. If going to a summer destination isn’t your top priority this summer, try to reconsider thinking about it again. What to end your vacation is through a rejuvenating exploration at a luxury resort.

There are travelers who think that every hotel they stay in is already a luxury. Well, after all, everything they stay at makes them feel like royalty. Everything is being prepared by hotel and resort personnel from bed making, room cleaning, breakfast setting, and a lot more. But, travelers who can spend almost everything they have just to have the best luxury experience in the world, are eager to spend enormous amounts of money.

Indeed, luxury comes at a high price. So what exactly do you get when spending too much on exclusive escapes? Here is a list of the top 10 luxury resorts and hotels around the world.

1 – Cocoa Island Resort, Maldives


This place is regarded as the best luxury resort in the Maldives. Located along with the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, Cocoa Island Resort can ideally give you one breath-taking vacation you’d never forget. Its location is primarily located on an intimate island in the Maldives with 33 overwater suites. The rooms are inspired by the vessel used by the fishermen of the Maldives called dhoni boats. The exclusive escape on the island will offer South Indian cuisine, wellness treatment, and a world-class diving experience.


2 – Excellence Riviera Cancun, Mexico


An all-inclusive, adults-only luxury resort is located on the Riviera Maya coast in Mexico. If you want to escape for romance, love, and relaxation, the Excellence Riviera Cancun is waiting for your arrival. Its classic Mediterranean-inspired suites are situated along the white sand beach of Riviera Maya coast that is equipped with 6 astounding swimming pools.


3- Trisara, Phuket, Thailand


One of the award-winning beach resorts in the world, Trisara is set on a private bay in Phuket, Thailand. This luxurious place offers guests spacious rooms with private swimming pools and an elegant view of the beach. One of the most expensive hotels of Thailand, it is composed of 48 suites and villa build of the steep slopes of the hills.


4 – Wildflower Hall, Himalayas


Built on an altitude of 8,250 feet, the Wildflower Hall in the Himalayas is a true testament of living in tranquility. Multiple panoramic views will be experienced at the 22 acres of mountainside forest. Guests can also be delighted by their sumptuous cuisine only catered by their master chefs.


5 – Pier House Resort and Spa, Florida Keys


One of the legendary places located in the Florida Keys resorts is the Pier House. Numerous reasons have been counted for this place to be great for romance, adventure, and an extravagant view of paradise. The convenient location makes it on top of other Florida Keys resorts. What makes this resort the favorite of many travelers is the view of the Caribbean which keeps its tradition so alive.


6 – Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Florida Key West


Got nowhere to start your staycation? Experience the enticing Florida Key West resorts such as the one majestically built in the Gulf of Mexico, the Hyatt Resort and Spa. The luxury hotel blends modern superfluity living and flawless customer service which is set along the waterfront.


7 – The Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai


This is the very high definition of super luxurious living, Dubai’s The Royal Suite. The 25-floor luxury suite is filled with marble, mahogany and gold decorations. The $23,000 a night of stay is extravagant enough for you to experience almost everything from touring the city using an elegant Rolls Royce or a stunning BMW, stepping in and out of the suite with a private elevator and experience lots of Hermes. All amenities can yours privately such as their private cinema and the library as well.


8 – Sky Villa, Las Vegas


Spending lots of dimes in the two-story Sky Villa is one jaw dropping experience with its 9,000 square foot palace. Bring your friends and savor all the high class amenities such as the personal glass elevator, glass-enclosed swimming pool and the scenic views of private terraces.


9 – Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens


The Royal Villa in Athens is designed for the royal guests and extravagant vacation seekers. The villa summarizes the essence of luxury living with its splendid interior and exterior spaces that entice every entering guest. Situated on 4,500 square feet that overlook the Aegean Sea, the Royal Villa offers exclusive escapes for the young, the rich, and the royals.

10 – Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva


For a very expensive price, guests can explore the 18,083 square feet of luxurious amenities and spreads a sparkling view of Lake Geneva. Each suite is made of marble bathrooms and a private bot tub inside.

A stay at a world-class resort can be indulging and a really sweet escape from the busy streets of reality. Along with traveling, comes a great price to pay. One of the most striking areas to look for when staying out on a vacation is not only the place to stay but also the culture and tradition that each place brings.

Most luxury hotels and resorts are superb examples of what true tradition, belief, and culture should be. Their hospitable personnel comes with a price range that cannot be measured by the extravagant amenities being offered. So, pick the best destination for your most expensive holiday getaway and make sure it’s worth all the spending.