About Me


Sarah Alfonso…

I’m an author, blogger and freelance writer living in Exeter with my husband, James, and our three boys, Alex, John and Eliass. I’ve chosen a professional headshot for my page because somebody told me I should choose a professional headshot for my page and this was favourable to the ones where I’m playing with Buzz Lightyear (long story).

I first started the blog in 2018 after becoming disillusioned with the other parenting literature I had found online. To me, there was a huge discrepancy between the almost glossy parenting I was seeing online and the day-to-day reality of being a parent. I think I was craving reassurance that there were other parents out there like me who, between the moments of magic, were having ‘WTF am I supposed to be doing here?’ moments, too. In the absence of anything that lifted my spirits I decided I’d start writing something of my own and the blog was born.


I vowed at the very beginning that my blog would cover the good, the bad and the ugly and since then I have documented many funny bits, sad bits, happy bits, frustrating bits and far too much information about my bits. I am, it would seem, a chronic oversharer, though I am fortunate enough to have created a space online where people overshare back. (Thank you for that).

This is a new website (long overdue after four years of posting to a site that drove me mad!) but you will still find the old blog posts alongside a selection of my most popular blog posts so really it’s business as usual.

If you would like to get in contact you can do so here.