Anybody can live in a house, but few live in a home. Home is the place where you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. In order to benefit from all these feelings, you need to consider applying some Feng Shui concepts in your home. It will improve your life, and the positive energy will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

8. Good front door

A strong front door invites opportunities to come into your house. It is recommended that you have written in clear the address and your name on the door. The clearer the better. According to Feng Shui principles, a clear nameplate and a clear number on your front door will invite good luck and opportunities into your home. The entrance to your house represents the access gate for Chi (Feng Shui energy) to your home.


7. Remove useless stuff

It is not healthy to keep old things in your house. If you have things that you do not use anymore, clothes that you do not wear anymore, donate them.

It is important that your workplace is tidy and clean. Clutter prevents creativity and productivity and that’s why you need to get rid of it. Also, if there are any broken items in your house, and you cannot repair them, throw them away. Although you may not want to do it, it is essential that you keep only good and functional things in your house.


6. Open windows for daylight and fresh air

When it comes to windows, you should open your windows daily. This helps in providing fresh air to your home. Essential to positive energy is also natural daylight. It is known that natural light is an energy booster for your body. You feel more energized and more productive due to the natural light of the sun. Dark rooms are associated with bad energies and can even lead to depression. It is also recommended that you make sure that the air from your house is pure enough. You may consider changing air filters from your air conditioning and invest in some air purifiers. A great improvement for the air quality inside your home plants. Green plants provide your home with positive energy and purified air. The best plants are the Jade plants.


5. Space

Crowded spaces can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, it does not permit positive energy to fill up the room. Positive energy will always be blocked by things. You should also learn how to organize things in your house. For example, you should never place a chair or other sitting objects facing back to the door because it is believed that it attracts unwanted guests.

Things that do not belong to your house should also be returned or removed. They represent stagnant energy that in time may turn into negative energy. Also, when you are building your house you should keep in mind to build your kitchen on the southeast. Kitchens placed in the north or north east may cause health and financial issues. In order to fix this, you may place 3 bronze bowls upside down on the ceiling. Be aware not to place them above your stove. When you place your bed in your bedroom you must have in mind that you should sleep with your head facing south or west. People should never sleep with their heads in the north east because it may bring financial problems.


4. Color

It is considered that each color has its own kind of energy. It is recommended that whatever colors you use for your house, they should be balanced. If you want to paint your walls clear white, you should consider buying curtains in earth tone colors. Green plants will give even more balance to this frame. The blue color is relaxing but too much can bring depressive energy. You should not color your ceiling with blue because it’s like you’re having water on top of your head and it may make you feel weak, powerless, and constantly chocking. Red is good for spaces where you work or you do active things. You have to keep in mind though that too much red can lead to anger. Yellow brings joy and vitality but in too large quantities it can make you feel uncertain and insecure. Green is the color for recovery and healing, but too much can make you feel lazy. Orange is a great color for children. It is associated with happiness and enthusiasm. Using too much orange will provoke hyperactivity and can make you feel like you cannot rest.


3. Cleanse your furniture

Furniture is made out of pieces that encapsulate energy. If you had a bad time, you should consider cleansing your furniture. A few hours in the sunlight or burning some sage around it should be enough. This is the way of removing any bad energy stored in your furniture. You should consider doing the same if you buy vintage furniture or second hand furniture. It is better if you remove any previous energy before bringing them into your home.


2. Repair your floor

Many people tend to ignore this issue, but when it comes to positive energy, a perfect floor is mandatory. If you have any tiles or pieces of flooring broken, you need to fix them, or replace them immediately. These broken areas will attract negative energy and may influence relationships among family members. If repairing is not an option for you, you should consider covering it up with a carpet.

1 – Fish and water

Fish are a natural way of relaxing and calming your spirits. It is believed that an aquarium or a bowl with flowing water is very healthy for the energies in your home. It reduces stress, negativity, and attracts positive vibes. You should keep in mind the size of your aquarium. If it is too big then the energies can turn against you, and you may experience a choking feeling. It is also recommended that you place a fish statue in your bedroom, near our bed to prevent bad luck.