Living in small houses may be the new eco way of living although it makes it hard to believe that it can also be cozy and comfortable. They are fully equipped – bed, kitchen, and bathroom, and some even have a small workspace or living room. They are incredibly functional and cheap. Most of their owners believe that people overrate the need for space. A tiny place can be considered home as long as you feel that you belong there. Below you find a list of 8 tiniest houses in the world.


8. Seattle, Wash

Tiny Tack House


Chris and Malissa Tack wanted the most natural thing for a husband and a wife- they wanted a home of their own. They were quickly discouraged by the high mortgage, loans, and all the risks that they were facing if they wanted a house. This is how they came up with the idea that they can make a house on their own and they don’t need to spend so much money. The result of their plans is a 140 square foot house. They designed and built the house by themselves. Even if the space seems small, their house has a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a storage area.


7. Finland

Our next house on the list is meant for relaxation and productivity. It was conceived by designer Robin Falck as a place to work and relax. Due to Finland’s permit laws regarding building, you don’t need any special approval. Actually, you don’t need a building permit for this kind of building because it’s too small. Designer Robin Falck named this cabin in the wood Nido which is the Italian equivalent for bird’s nest. The total area is 96 square feet and provides its owner with a bedroom, a living room, a relaxing deck, and lots of storage space. One of the biggest advantages is the price – it costs approximately 10.500 $.


Finnish Tiny House



6. Germany

Another example of a functional small house is Diogene. Created by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, this home on wells has only 79 square feet. After designing massive structures like The New York Times Building (Manhattan) and The Shard (London), the Italian designer received a challenge: to build a small house for minimalist living. The house was made public in 2013, as a prototype built for the furniture company Vitra from Germany. The tiny house is divided into two – the first part contains a living room accessorized with a folding table under the window and a folding – sofa in front of it. The second part of the house contains a shower, a toilet, and a kitchen. Moreover, the house is very eco-friendly- when it comes to water, it is collected, filtered, cleaned, and then reused. The house produces its own electricity through solar panels.


Diogene Tiny House



5. Rome, Italy

This is what it used to be a tiny abandoned alleyway house. Designer and architect Marco Pierazzi decided that he can do something good with the space, so he bought it and transformed it. This tiny house is just minutes away of the Pantheon and Saint Peter’s Square, so the opportunity was even bigger. After he renovated it, the designer lived there with his wife until the birth of their first child.

He did not sell the house. Now he uses it as a source of income because he is renting it to holiday travelers that need a comfortable place near the main touristic attractions. In this small place he built a kitchen, a bathroom and a small bed.



4. Idaho

The hard times in someone’s life can deter his character. A divorce is one of the hardest and saddest things that someone can go through. When in this situation, people tend to go through depression without being able to do anything for a long period of time. This was not the case with Macy Miller. She used her knowledge as an architectural designer and transformed a small empty land into her dream house. Her cottage measures 196 square feet and costs her 11.400$. She is currently living there with her husband and her child.




3. Washington D.C.

Jay Austin decided one day that she wanted to change her hair lifestyle. She decided to build this tiny house of 140 square meters. She wanted a harmonious home and friendly to the environment. This is how The Matchbox was born.




2. Toronto

This tiny house was built in 1912. The man who did it saw this space between two big houses and so he came up with the idea of building a small one between them. The house had a kitchen, a bedroom, a laundry room, and a bathroom. He lived inside this house for 20 years together with his wife.





  1. Canada

This house idea belongs to a couple that wanted to try something else. They built this by themselves this house on wells. They said they accessed an internet page that offered them plans and sketches. They used those and made some adjustments. They loved the house for three years but they had to sell it because they wanted to start a family. A child needs lots of space and the tiny house is not enough.




They may seem comfortable and cozy but it is proven that these tiny houses are made for one person, maximum 2. They are way cheaper than ordinary houses and can be built almost everywhere. You can use recycled materials. You just need to have imagination and an open mind. If you are thinking of building one of these houses on your own you really need to get some professional help. You need to make sure that you will have every utility you need for your own comfort. Maybe they spent less money but the truth is that at some point you need a king-size bed and not a loft bed, or a pull up sofa. There are still people that find this lifestyle convenient and them say that they would not trade their house for nothing in the world.