Traveling can be quite expensive and because of your budget you don’t get to see all the things you want to see. We don’t realize, bust most of the money we spend while traveling are on food and some useless things that buy as souvenirs. The only thing they are good at is crowding a place with thing you do not use. Here are 10 ways to travel within your budget:

1. Backpacking

One of the best ways to cut back on your expenses is to go backpacking. The best way is that you can easily save by camping. It doesn’t cost a thing, or it’s very cheap. For exchange, in special camping places you get a place where you can shower and toilets. We all know that when you go camping these are the main issues you can deal with.


2 – Early Booking

If you intend to go by plane in your travel, you should keep an eye on the prices. It is well known that an early booking is way cheaper than a ticket bought 1 or 2 weeks before the departure. It is best that you plan your travel with 6-8 months ahead in order to get a real deal. A ticket bought that early can be half of the price a normal ticket should be.



3 – Home-food

When you go on your holiday, you tend to eat outside- fancy restaurants, or diners. Instead of three meals per day out in the city, you can cut down 2 of them. You can go to local markets and buy the things you need for a healthy breakfast and a tasty lunch. This is a good way of saving. Sometimes the money you use to pay a meal you eat at a diner can be used for two days of in-home food. Sandwiches are easy to do, easy to carry, and can keep the hunger away.




4 – Small Baggage

When you buy your plane ticket, you must take into consideration that a big luggage represents a great deal of money. If you are planning for a small trip you can opt for a hand luggage which is cheaper. And of course, you will have place only for the things you actually need. The really small baggage (like a laptop bag) is for free. If you intent to travel for a day or two and you don’t need your laptop, you can take this option into consideration.



5 – Join Groups

Many travel agencies have great discounts if you travel in groups. If you decide to go with your friends, you may get a 20-30% discount of the amount. This is also available when you decide to visit something. Besides, if you join a group for an activity, in most of the cases you will also get a guide for free. Otherwise, you have to pay extra money for information- headphones, brochures and others.



6 – Cut back on useless stuff

How many of the things you buy from your holidays you really use? Souvenirs and food seem to be the biggest expenses when it comes down to traveling. Of course, it is nice to have one or two souvenirs, but it doesn’t have to be more than that. You can also collect things that do not cost money, and take them as souvenirs. Rocks, coins, dried plants, all can be souvenirs; and they are for free. Unfortunately, the things we buy during holidays are most of the time useless. Of course, it is interesting to buy local crafts, but as soon as we get home, they will lie somewhere in the dark, until our first clean-up. Then either you put it in a box either it goes to waste.



7 – Set a daily budget

Most of the time, when we are traveling, we have the money we tend to spend, and a little extra “in case of…”. We all know that that money will be also spend even though later we regret it. So, set for yourself a daily budget. How much you intent to spend on food, how much you intend to spend on visiting and how much you intent to spent on souvenirs. This will be a good way to keep track of your expenses, and you will know for sure when you overspend.



8 – Cheap accommodation

We’ve all seen those luxurious hotel suits, with immense beds, big TV screens, Jacuzzi and other facilities. In fact, we don’t really need all of those. What we all need while we are traveling is a clean room, with a clean bed, and hot water running. You need to think that most of the times, hotel rooms are only for you to sleep and take a shower. Remember that you will spend most of the day outdoors. You are not on a holiday if you stay in front of a TV. It’s doing the same thing but in a different place.



9 – Last minute deal

Nowadays there are a lot of traveling agencies that offer “last minute deals”. Most of the time they are extremely cheap. They occur when the normal offer is not fully occupied. For example, if the tour has place for 30 people, and only 20 seats are occupied, the agency will make a last minute deal in order to have a full occupied tour. Less money is better than no money. The downside of this is related to your freedom of traveling. If you have a fixed scheduled, and you work somewhere where you need to plan your holiday months ahead in order to receive your holiday leave, than this could be hard for you. You can still benefit for last minute deals for weekend trips.



10 – Traveling deals

Traveling becomes really cheap and agencies are getting more numerous by the day. Hence, there’s a strong competition between them. How else can they win clients if not with their traveling deals? Some agencies work together with specific locations, so they receive bonuses and discount for services. This is how agencies can get you to spend less money. The only thing you have to do is to check each agency and see which one has the best deal for your destination.