10 Ways to Earn Money using Internet

Ever since the Internet has come into being, it has been a runaway hit. The Internet has helped many realize their dreams and fulfill their ambitions. The Internet has touched our lives in many ways be it as a source of infinite knowledge, as a medium for seamless communication, as a tool to build businesses and as a platform for online shopping. While the list continues, something we tend to forget is that the Internet is also a source of income for many. In fact, the World Wide Web has opened an avenue of limitless earning potential for dedicated individuals who know the art of earning money using the Internet.

This should have already got the eye-balls rolling for many. The Internet is not a secret key to a bounty where you win a fortune. No, I am not going to take you through the magic step to become a millionaire in a day. To earn money using the Internet, one has to be ready to put in the effort to learn the right methods as well as invest time in doing them. In fact, using the Internet, you can start earning sitting at the comfort of your home.


10. Blogging

Blog is defined as a “web log” or an online journal. Now the question could well be – How does this help me earn? Well, we all know that many use blogging as a platform to express themselves and unleash their creative best. What we do not know is that writing quality content is in itself an investment that can generate you handsome returns. With the search engine crawlers returning higher score for websites with quality content, you could well be on your way to the top of the search rankings. The result is more traffic and in turn better engagement. What next? You can monetize this traffic by placing advertisements on your website.

9. Selling Products or services

What good are great products and services, if you cannot sell them? Sales and marketing are aspects of the business that will never run out of scope. Often companies that manufacture the goods or develop the services are not the best when it comes to selling them. So, if you have a flair for sales and are willing to spend some time doing them, you would earn yourself a handsome sum by selling products online. This could be either through telecalling or even online chat. Your employer would usually set a target for the sales count or value, and pay you accordingly.


8. Teaching and Training

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, to many Internet is a solution to their quest for knowledge. If you are good at something, there is no point in leaving it untapped. The best thing would be to enroll to an online training portal where your knowledge and training skills can be monetized. These range from subjects like Mathematics, Physics and languages to specific skills like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other productivity applications. Gone are the days when a tutor had to visit the student or vice versa. These days, you can impart the training online from the luxury of your home. All you would need is a stable and high speed Internet connection.


7. Offering Customer support

Today, almost every market is customer driven and companies go to any extent to woo prospects and retain existing customers. The success of any product is heavily dependent on the after sale service and support. This makes customer support an important proposition. You can find many small businesses looking for part-time employees or freelancers who can take up the task of keeping their customers happy. They outsource this task of customer relationship management so that they can focus on their core business.


6. Data Entry

Business processes in many firms generate a large amount of data that has to be filled in the right format in a spreadsheet or a format that can be fed in to a database. However, the data is not in the right format to do so. Here arises the need for a data entry operator. The data entry operator is usually given an application that is connected to the database of the firm and he or she has to correctly key in the details in the accepted format. Sitting at home with an internet connection, one should be able to accomplish this task with no great effort and still earn enough out of it.


5. Transcription


Transcription is a task that requires proper training and skillsets. You would be required to become well versed with the jargon and be able to correctly capture them while listening to them. This could be medical transcription-based or even legal and print transcription. Expert Transcriptionist earns a lot working from their home using just a computer and a pair of headsets.


4. Content Writing


This is much similar to blogging, except that you write the content for others. This is especially for those who do not bother about having a website. There are a lot of opportunities for quality content writers. With SEO (Search engine optimization) being the preferred mode to generate traffic, quality content writing with the right keyword density is what any website owner would need. If you have the knack to write interesting and relevant content, this task is up for grabs. You can find many potential employers using a simple web search.


3. Website Building


With the reach of the Internet increasing every day, almost every businessman wants to have an online presence by having a website of his own. If you are good at designing websites, you can take up website building as a profession. You can build a website for clients and make handsome money out of it. While complex websites require in-depth knowledge of coding, simple ones can be created with tools that use the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) concept.


2. Advertising using AdSense


AdSense is a free Google tool that can be of great use in generating income from your website or blog. It uses a mechanism wherein pop-in ads that are related to the content of the site are displayed. You get paid for each click by a visitor of your website. More the number of clicks higher the income!


1. Social Media Marketing


It is hard to find somebody who is not in a social network. It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, or LinkedIn. Social networking platforms are a source of huge user base and hence can be used to reach the targeted audiences. You can create a Facebook page for a website and then use it to generate specific traffic. The traffic to your website is an unlimited source of income through ads.

The Internet has been a popular source of income across nations and the opportunities to earn through it are unlimited.