10 Bizarre Career people chose because they pay well

Finding a job is very difficult, but there are jobs out there that you didn’t really know existed. All you have to do is learn where to look and be willing to think any bizarre jobs that might be available. It might be the most awful looking job or the weirdest job, but if the pay is right it’s better to grab this kind of job opportunities than to go jobless.

Everybody knows that most doctors, lawyers, and company executive officers make good money. However, you may want to shift to another career if you learn that other unusual jobs can also pull in a lot of money just as professionals.

Here’s the thing, when your resources such as money don’t give you the opportunity to finish school, do not just lie down and wait for the money to arrive just by doing nothing. Try your skills and get some luck. Make an income out of doing just about anything.

Whether you’re cleaning the toilet, collecting garbage, diving for something which you know can’t be yours, but whatever it is as long as you’re working on something to improve your way of living that’s one heck of a job that you should be proud of.

Here are some of the weirdest and odd-looking jobs that pay very well.


1 – Horse rider / exerciser

It’s common for people to know that jockeys are the ones who ride their horses during race day. But what people don’t know is that there are people behind the race day who exercise and train these prized horses just before weeks or months of the event. They are called horse exercisers. The primary responsibility of horse exercisers is to hop on the horse and practice them to familiarize the track by walking and running. They are also tasked to let the horse get used to entering the gate calmly and stimulate a mid-race gallop.

Although this job doesn’t really require a college or even a high school diploma, it takes years to master this kind of job and technique. One should be passionate about handling horses. It pays a mid-year salary of at least $50,691 just by holding, caressing, and walking horses on the track.

2 – Pearl Diver

It’s pretty dangerous out under the deep blue sea especially when your job requires you to skim the ocean floor off the shores of Australia as sharks and other deadly sea creatures lurk by. This job is a pearl diver with a very lucrative high pay rate of up to $1,200 each day.


3 – Elevator Inspector


Today, the elevator is the medium of transferring from one office level to the next. Millions of people depend mainly on the use of elevators when going up or down offices which are very tall with others rising up to the 100th floor.

Elevators won’t work efficiently and safely without the help of most elevator inspectors. They make sure that elevators meet the safety standards and compliance codes for the public to use them. These tough elevator inspectors test and run elevators multiple times in an awkward position including sideways. If you are afraid of height, this job is definitely not good for you. But, their annual median salary can go as high as $59,495 so you might want to have a career change?


4 – Crime Scene cleaner


Crime scene investigators don’t usually get the job done when it comes to crime scene cleaning. They pass it on a much experience worker, the crime scene cleaner. They are responsible for cleaning the scene filled with blood and other things associated with the crime. However, it pays pretty well wherein one can make up to $55,000 just by cleaning up nasty and gross fluids.


5 – Pet food testers

You may have heard over that someone has already tasted a dog food without knowing but still enjoyed it. Well, it might feel nasty, some people really had this kind of job. Pet food testers do their jobs by tasting pet food and make a conclusion if it really tastes good. They also check the nutritional value and verify if it’s really healthy for pets to eat. However, most pet food testers don’t swallow the food and usually spit it out after tasting. On average, these workers earn $40,000.


6 – IMAX screen cleaners


From the job title itself, you know what IMAX screen cleaners do. Clean dirty IMAX screens. A cleaner usually cleans the entire screen with food and beverage being thrown or spit wads. Every dirt and dust that can be seen in the screen will all be the responsibility of the IMAX screen cleaner. They get a pay of $45,000 every year.



7 – Sex toy testers


If you’re a chronic masturbator, then there is one perfect job for you, being a sex toy tester. Sex toy manufacturers hire this kind of workers to test out the quality of their toys. It has been reported that testing sex toys pay really well with almost $39,000 just from testing and in return you get paid while making yourself feel good.


8 – Garbage collector


The garbage collector doesn’t need to work all day, they just have to collect garbage from every home on schedule for 5 days a week. It’s pretty smelly but if the pay is right, why not grab the job for a $60,000 salary.


9 – Voice over artist


If you have a really endearing voice, why not lend it to commercials, cartoon movie dub, and other voice over tasks. Just 5 minutes of finished audio recording can pay you $325 if you get the job with experience. For fewer experienced artists, it pays well for someone who just knows how to read. Just buy voice recording you can get $80,000 as your salary every year.


10 – Bounty hunter


This kind of job is extremely dangerous that could make someone get killed. The work of a bounty hunter is to track down a prisoner who has paid bail but has escaped from the town. Bounty hunter’s primary job is to bring them back to jail. For a dangerous job like this, it pays 45% of the bail deposit amount. For highly experienced bounty hunters, they can rack up salary for up to $100,000 per year.